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Property is our passion!  Whether we’re designing it, dressing it, living in it, visiting it or dreaming about it .. 


Our desire for travel, curiosity and knack for inadvertently stumbling across unique off-grid locations has seen us wildly throwing caution to the wind, making offers on remarkable properties around the globe .. fortunately for us, the universe intervened and only offered us a handful that we could comfortably find the time to enjoy!


Getting away from the everyday has driven our quest to create the perfect ‘nomadic triangle’ – a small collection of hidden gems that we aim to spend our retirement seamlessly roaming between, never tiring of their unique locations that we fell in love with along the way.  


NO.13 Fernhurst was a sweet two-bedroom Edwardian cottage, untouched since the early 1940’s and bursting with potential to create a warm inviting home away from home. 


The surprisingly generous garden and spectacular views that revealed themselves across the Black Down Hills from the bathroom and rear bedroom, sealed it for us!  


As custodians of a small period property offering a sense of time and place in history, we had the absolute joy and pleasure of uncovering and restoring authentic features that had been hidden for over 60 years revealing No.13’s character and history.


Having downsized and relocated to a small coastal property, No. 13 Fernhust holds a special place in our hearts from its time well spent as a mid-way point and resting post, for ourselves and family as we split living and working between our London based clients and new windswept beach life.


Whether it’s a weekend or a week, our aim is to make our guests as comfortable as possible and give them an opportunity to escape their everyday life, rekindle the excitement of discovering a new place, live like a local and uncover the best hidden gems, walks and attractions from an insider’s perspective.






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